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White Label Bath Bombs

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Aches Aromatherapy Fizzy Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

With the help of our Aches Aromatherapy Bath Bomb, unwind and soothe your muscles.
The rosemary, thyme, and marjoram essential oils in this lovely bomb are said to relieve stiffness and pain in the muscles. Our bath bombs are loaded with magnesium, essential oils, exotic tropical butters, Celtic seaweed, and ocean minerals, leaving your skin feeling smooth, revived, and rested.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Amethyst Protection Crystal Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Aromatherapy with Amethyst for Protection and Well-Being
A potent tool for the growth of higher consciousness, the Reiki Crystal Bath Bomb supports meditation and intuition.
This bath bomb, which is made with a mixture of lemon, pineapple, and sweet orange over French lavender and cotton blossoms, emits a high frequency and forms a shielding "bubble" around you to block out negative energy.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Anxiety Aromatherapy Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Anyone who struggles with anxiety or simply finds it difficult to get through each day will benefit greatly from this bomb. This blend's essential oils are renowned for their ability to calm and soothe.
This contains the essential oils of bergamot, rosewood, lavender, and ylang ylang.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Awaken Aromatherapy Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

When you need an extra boost in the mornings, this bath bomb is ideal.
Including Spearmint, Sweet Orange, and May Chang essential oils, it has a potent blend of aromatherapy essential oils. You'll feel more awake and aware after using these energising essential oils, which will undoubtedly make you feel more peppy.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Citrine Luck Crystal Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Citrine Luck Prosperity Metaphysical Reiki Crystal Bath Bomb is the perfect way to produce significant abundance in your life. This bath bomb, made with strong palo santo, bergamot, and cedarwood essential oils, is ideal for setting your intention for success. Simply add water and let the citrine's power work its magic!

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Cold and Sinus Aromatherapy Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Cold and Sinus Aromatherapy Bath Bomb will help reduce cold and sinus symptoms.
These also aid in the relief of hay fever and allergy symptoms.
This contains bergamot, pine, and tea tree essential oils.
These oils are said to have powerful natural powers to help and alleviate symptoms.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Collagen Clear Skin Anti-Acne Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Everyone desires beautiful, clear, and glowing skin!
This skin-loving blend of exotic oils, vitamins, sea minerals, and marine collagen makes it fully feasible.
The mixture of collagen and seaweed in this bomb gives the water a smooth, almost viscous feel, and while you soak it nourishes your skin, providing much-needed hydration boost, healing, and pore refining.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Marine Collagen Anti-Aging Spa MIneral Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Embrace and adore your skin while combating ageing with this skin-loving blend of exotic oils, vitamins, sea minerals, and marine collagen. This bath bomb contains Marine Collagen, Magnesium, Vitamins A, C, E, oils of almond, argan, coconut, and sea buckthorn, as well as essential oils of sandalwood, ruby grapefruit, geranium, jasmine, and tangerine.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Meditation Orange Patchouli Aromatherapy Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

This is the ideal combination for generating a state of consciousness.
The pleasant aromas are said to help people train their minds, set aside everyday routines and tasks, and feel entirely at ease with themselves and their surroundings.
Orange, Patchouli, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Thyme, and Ylang Ylang essential oils.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Ocean Celtic Seaweed Marine Ocean Sea Mineral Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Looking for a way to unwind and revitalise your skin?
These bath bombs contain ocean minerals, Celtic seaweed, essential oils, exotic tropical butters, and magnesium, which will leave your skin feeling silky, invigorated, and rested.
The aroma is a fresh ocean marine scent with saline seaweed undertones, ideal for anyone who enjoys the smell of the sea.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Relax Aromatherapy Sea Mineral Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Relax and enjoy the advantages of a sea mineral bath bomb.
This bath bomb contains a blend of essential oils believed to induce relaxation, including lavender, patchouli, mandarin, marjoram, geranium, and chamomile.
Simply drop the bomb into your bathtub and let the relaxing scents and minerals do their work.
You'll emerge feeling revitalised, relaxed, and ready to take on the world.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Rose Quartz Love Healing Metaphysical Crystal Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

This bath bomb contains opulent East Indian sandalwood and enticing amber, resulting in a rich and enticing musky rose accord.
Furthermore, the presence of Rose Quartz crystal makes this bath bomb ideal for individuals seeking greater love and companionship in their lives!

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Sleep Aromatherapy Sea Mineral Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Do you want to get a better night's sleep?
This pleasant and fragrant combination will surround you in cotton wool for an unforgettable sleep.
A fresh herbal blend of the highest grade lavender, marjoram, lemon, and chamomile to help avoid restless nights. Dreams have never been so enjoyable.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Snow Quartz Crystal Bath Bomb VEGAN 6pk

Wild violet's floral and earthy qualities come together with vibrant crushed greens and delicate muguet to create a light, yet intriguing bouquet.

£30.00 £36.00 (inc. VAT)
Soothing Goat Milk and Oats Unscented Bath Bomb 6pk

Are you looking for a calming, organic bath bomb that will not irritate your skin?
Look no further than our Unscented Skin Soothing Milk & Oats Fizzy Bath Bomb!
This bath bomb is made with organic goat milk and oats and is intended to soften and relieve dry, itchy, or irritated skin.
It's also odourless, so you may enjoy a fragrance-free bath.

£15.00 £18.00 (inc. VAT)