At this time we have a minimum order amount of £100. exc VAT/Shipping

Our shopping cart is only configured for shipping to the UK, EU, USA/Canada For other areas please contact us at to get an estimate of how much shipping would cost you.

Current shipping rates:

Please note that effectively immediately we no longer offer free shipping over £300. on any order amount. We already absorb huge amounts of cost in shipping on our low flat rates to the mainland UK. Since Brexit kicked in our courier costs have skyrocketed so until things level out and everyone knows what is happening, we cannot do free shipping.
I suspect rates will be coming down once everyone in the courier realm has their ducks in order and starts competing for business again. Until that happens, it is what it is sadly.

Mainland England & Wales £10.00
Scotland £15.99

Northern Ireland £19.99

*Orders over 50kg to NI and the Highlands of Scotland may incur added shipping charges which must be paid before order is shipped*

USA/Canada Express (uninsured) £60.00 per 25kg
USA/Canada Express (insured) £100.00 per 25kg

**Please note that will will NOT replace/refund/credit damaged/stolen items in shipments to the USA/Canada unless you have purchased insurance.**

Everywhere Else: You will be invoiced once the weight and cost have been determined to ship your order. This must be paid before your order ships.

The shopping cart will allow you to choose whether you wish your order to be insured or uninsured. It is up to YOU. Outside the UK,We will NOT cover or replace damaged items you have chosen not to insure. No exceptions.

Excessive Weight:

If your order is heavier than the postage you have prepaid then you may be invoiced for the remaining amount. This must be paid before your order leaves exceptions.


When it comes to shipping....when in doubt contact us first  to get a rough estimate of shipping weight and costs. This will allow you to figure those costs into your retail price so you can recoup those costs.

TAT: (turn around time)

Your best bet is to ALWAYS check on the top of the page and see what you current lead time is. This can vary depending on the time of year or even from day to day.

Product Consistency:
Not every batch you get will look exactly the same.Colours can vary, as can designs. We leave creativity up to each individual making the batch. The recipe never varies, so it will always smell the same and be the same product' but the colour may vary. Again, this is because these are all handmade, not machine made.

We do NOT replace items with broken or cracked decorations because that is not a fault within the structure of the bomb itself, it's just a decoration. If you order and agree to our T & C's at checkout then you agree with this. We do NOT consider small surface cracks or edge crumbles as breakages, they can happen in more intricate non-round moulds. Breakages are cracks or chunks that go through the entire bomb. We will not replace or refund small surface flaws.

We ship using double wall boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap and potato starch peanuts. When possible we try to recycle our packing materials that we use.