Our credo is that you begin with nature and you stay as close to 100% natural as possible.

Every product we make carries current safety assessment certificates and toxicology reports as according to the laws within the EU Cosmetics Directive. All of our formulae are registered with the CPNP in Brussels and are attached to poison control databases worldwide to assure their safety.

What does all of this mean for you?
It means that you are assured of not only high quality and the very best natural ecologically-sourced and organic ingredients; but also of complete safety and knowledge of the expertise and professional ethics of our laboratory and clinicians.

We believe in doing things the RIGHT way and as natural as we can possibly make it. Sure you have lots of fabulous choices out there for natural products but we PROMISE you ...NO other company is doing what we're doing. It takes a special kind of awesome to work our brand of mojo!

The BEST part of what we do comes from the reaction and loyalty of our amazing customers. We make things in small batches with top quality ingredients. This gives us a level of quality control that cannot be surpassed by mass produced brands. They may win on cookie cutter presentation but we rock the 'Handmade With Love' aspect every. single. time!