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Hair care is a very important part of taking care of your body. The hair as well as the skin holding the hair should be taken care of for a healthy and beautiful hair. The living part of the hair is beneath the surface of the scalp skin. The hair shaft we see outside is lifeless. As such, it cannot be repaired if any damage happens to it. These hair shafts are to be groomed and kept well to have a beautiful look.

There's no need to use nasty chemicals when there are some great organic hair care products available as part of your hair care regime.We only sell natural shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products that contain no parabens. Great for healthy hair and a healthier you!

If you're going to do something for your skin and hair then Organic Hair Care Products and Natural Hair Care Products are the best choice.

Luxurious & affordable natural bath, body and skin care products. Handmade in the UK by a Cosmetic Chemist with a passion for Natural Solutions.

Posh Brats, natural skin care, organic skin care, cruelty free cosmetics
To be on the safe side, please avoid use of products containing essential oils if you have any the following conditions.

  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Cardiac Fibrilation
  • Kidney Disease
  • First Trimester Pregnancy

*If in doubt please ask*
Posh Brats, natural skin care, organic skin care, cruelty free cosmetics

Beach Head Sea Salt & Grapefruit Solid Shampoo Bar *for texturizing & thickening limp or oily hair*
Do you love how your hair looks and feels after a day at the beach? Does your hair just lie there like a limp heavy thing with a tendency to oil slick? This is for you! Dead sea salt absorbs oils and adds volume making this solid shampoo bar perfect for hair that’s greasy or flat-looking. Coconut oil then conditions, moisturises and adds shine. The scent is bright and fresg with pink grapefruit essence.
Blue Lotus and Argan Oil Solid Shampoo Bar *for dry/damaged/frizzy or colour-treated hair*
For hair in need of a serious moisture boost and manageability. This is perfect for those of you with very dry/damaged/frizzy and/or colour-treated hair! We've included pure Argan oil for it's miraculous healing and shine properties, as well as rich cocoa butter, Panthenol and finally ultra-expensive and rare Blue Lotus Extract from the Nile.
Celtic Sea Silk Solid Conditioning Bar w/ Argan Oil &  Bladderwrack Seaweed
The scent is a light fresh oceany blend that smells not of perfume but of just fresh cleanness that will not clash with any scent that you wear. This bar is deeply enriched with butters and oils that will hydrate your hair and leave it in silky splendor! Packed with goodness, this bar contains seaweed and silk protein extracts.
Chamomile Geranium Solid Shampoo Bar *for blonde & light hair*
Made with Sweet Almond Oil to lock in moisture and provide lustre and shine, Calendula and Roman Chamomile to soothe the scalp and brighten blonde and light hair tones and Rose Geranium to enhance the moisturising effect of the bar and add a beautiful note to the aroma. The addition of Calendula leaves gives the bar a beautiful appearance and further enhances the protective properties of this shampoo.
Chamomile, Lavender & Rosemary Solid Shampoo Bar *for all hair types*
Made with Rosemary, Lavender and Chamomile for the ultimate in soothing and calming hair care. The addition of intensely moisturising Coconut helps this special shampoo bar to improve the condition of your scalp and so reduce the problems associated with a damaged scalp such as itchiness and flaky skin.
Chocaholic Rescue Solid Shampoo Bar *for brunette hair*
Chocolate for hair? You betcha!!! Natural dark rich black cocoa butter and real dark chocolate enrich this shampoo with major moisture boost! This will also add depth to your hair colour if you have dark hair, if you're a blonde it will add a warmth. The scent is this has a natural dark chocolately note to it.A rich, moisturising hair shampoo that’s packed with cocoa butter, lanolin, coconut oil and cocoa powder to give incredible softness and brilliant shine to hair in desperate need of a fix.
Moroccan Crowning Glory Solid Conditioning Bar w/ Argan Oil & Real Silk
This bar is deeply enriched with butters and oils that will hydrate your hair and leave it in silky splendor! Packed with goodness, this bar contains silk protein extracts and an extra dose of Moroccan Argan Oil.
Peppermint, Bay Leaf & Cinnamon Solid Shampoo Bar *to stimulate hair growth*
Made with pure essential oil of Peppermint, Bay Leaf and Cinnamon to gently stimulate hair growth and regenerate your scalp and hair and Coconut Oil to moisturise and protect. This is incredibly stimulating!
Wicked Redhead Henna & Juniper Solid Shampoo Bar *for redheads*
The inclusion of natural Red Henna Extract for colour enhancement and shine and Juniper essential oil for strengthening hair and scalp is a magic combination for both colour-treated and natural redheads. This can also be used by those with darker hair for subtle highlights and warmth. The scent spicy and luxurious.
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