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It's all here for those of you that love your fizzy, scented long tub soaks! Some are enriched with shea butter, botanicals,witchiness and other fun things but ALL are handmade with love and attention to detail!

If you have not experienced the bliss that is a bath bomb then you are in for a treat! As they fizz and bubble away in the hot water, the ingredients will soften your bath water, gentle fragrance and colour are released and you will feel yourself relaxing.

Magick Unicorn Fizzy Bath Wishing Dust
With the Magick Unicorn Fizzy Bath Wishing Dust, it's luck of the draw....each bag seems to give you a different bathing experience as far as colours and scent. This is a gorgeous blend of bits of fizzy bombs, bubble bombs, bubble bars and soy milk. The result gives you a swirling, foaming, milky froth in swirls of many colours and scents.
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