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It's all here for those of you that love your fizzy, scented long tub soaks! Some are enriched with shea butter, botanicals,witchiness and other fun things but ALL are handmade with love and attention to detail!

If you have not experienced the bliss that is a bath bomb then you are in for a treat! As they fizz and bubble away in the hot water, the ingredients will soften your bath water, gentle fragrance and colour are released and you will feel yourself relaxing.

Fizzy Bath Bomb Cracker Set
These wonderful 'crackers' aren't really crackers at all. They are a nod towards festive holiday crackers, but instead of rubbish toys and a riddle...they contain 2 of our wonderful fizzy bath bombs. Beautifully presented with or signature country chic vintage look and a bit of ribbon. It's a lucky dip but you'll get 2 bath bombs that are individually wrapped and labeled to prolong their life. The scents will be from across our range. All we can say is these are very very FAST sell-outs in our retail shop!
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