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Gorgeous handmade bath goodies to enhance your bathing experience. Please allow for variations from actual photos as these items are handmade and not machine produced. You can always be assured of complete freshness, attention to detail and supreme quality.

Please note that any bomb/melt that has cocoa butter flakes in it, when you toss it into the bath it will fizz just like any other bomb but the cocoa butter flakes will slowly dissolve around you when you agitate the water or rub it into your skin. This does attract the water-soluble dyes and will form a 'ring' around your tub from the excess butter that has not gone into your skin. When you drain your bath simply wipe around the edge of the tub to remove it. Do not let it set because the cocoa butter will then harden and you will need a cleaner to get it off and you make more work for yourself. I mention this because there are some folks that aren't aware.

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