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My name is Brittany De Staedtler and I am the creator and founder of this exciting enterprise. I have always been plagued with really "difficult" sensitive skin. My early years were spent in the realm of professional hair and make-up artistry; in this field I traveled the world and honed my formulas. As a Cosmetic Chemist, I have the know-how to make nearly any beauty product but I CHOOSE to do it naturally.

If an ingredient is not from a 'natural' source then it has no place in our products!

Posh Brats has never and will never test our products, raw ingredients, or ANYTHING else on animals. We use only natural ingredients and test the finished products on ourselves, friends, and family. We are committed to never sourcing our raw ingredients from companies who test on animals. We believe human testing will let us know if our products are good .Lab Toxicology reports, Human testing, via focus groups, provides us with specific feedback on how to improve our products.

ALL of our products hold Cosmetic Safety Assessments and have been tested and approved by a UK Toxicologist. The products are approved for sale within the UK and EU according to their high standards of health and safety as well as for the North American market.

We know you have MANY choices in the world of bath products and skin care; we thank you for continuing to choose us!



Our Cosmetic Chemist and Company Director~ Brittany De Staedtler